The Feng Shui Lab offers an accredited course for future Feng Shui consultants, as well as interior designers and architects who wish to broaden their skills. The training programme covers all the fundamental theories of classical Feng Shui (Luan Tou - environmental energies ; Li-Qi and San-Yuan - BaGua and Flying Star chart ; San He and BaZi) illustrated by numerous real-life case studies on site.

A one-to-one course entirely adaptable to the student’s needs where the deep understanding of all the notions taught is monitored all along the training through supervised case studies and research projects. Once passing the final exam (a real-life Feng Shui consultation at a client’s place), you will be awarded with the Graduation Certificate and would automatically qualify to become a member of the Feng Shui Society.
    • A tailored course: 70 hours of private tuition, with a mix of field work and lessons at home, the schedule being entirely up to you.
    • A practice-oriented course: 8 Feng Shui evaluations on site (office, residential and leisure places), and numerous other practical cases.
    • A turnkey course: all training material is provided, including the traditional Lo Pan compass, direct from Hong Kong.

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